VASTMED Disposable CPE Isolation Apron 100pcs

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CPE Gowns are surgical gowns used as part of NHS PPE (personal protective equipment) they are used for isolation and protection against contamination and are currently used to protect against Coronavirus – COVID-19.

The VASTMED CPE Apron is for hospital, clinic and healthcare use as hygienic protection and for light to medium use. The aprons are made of CPE Chlorinated Polyethene and the CPE apron has thumb holes and sleeves.

The VASTMED CPE Apron is a disposable surgical gown, they are designed to be lightweight, durable and cool and comfortable to wear. They are blood and water resistant and used in clinic and hospital environments for protection and as part of PPE during the Coronavirus – COVID-19 outbreak to control and prevent the spread of infection.

The surgical aprons meet the quality standard of sanitation in accordance with the CE and ISO standards.

VASTMED’s thumb loop gowns – surgical gowns offer a high standard of protection and the thumb loop design is to ensure that sleeves don’t roll up and expose you to infection. The surgical gowns apron style neck make them quick and easy to remove and put on.

The thumb loop gowns are an economical protective option that provide superior protection from high levels of fluid.


CPE Apron Features

  • Manufactured from coated polyethylene material
  • Apron style neck for quick and easy donning & doffing
  • Thumb loops to prevent sleeves rolling up
  • High level fluid protection
  • Meets US standards 
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