CAPRA Advanced Cotton rolls Size 2 by VASTMED

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• Non-sterile
• Made of 100% cotton
• Soft and pliable
• Maintain shape
• Latex and chlorine free

Cotton Rolls are non-sterile, made of 100% cotton with holding its shape and performing well for a number of dental procedures. Suitable for sensitive patients due to easy removal and minimal irritation. Latex and chlorine free.


capra cotton rolls(Gauze non-Sterile 10mm x 38mm):QT 80 / SKU VMCRM400X20B

cotton rolls:QT 8 / SKU 11-50011 / 11-50012QT:229 / 11-50013

Capra Cotton Rolls Medium 50 pcs x 20 rolls(12 x 2.5 x 8):VMCRM50X20B  QT:1974


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