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VASTMED Single-Patient Use Yellow Stethoscope, 2xSoft earplugs

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  • Length: 78.5cm
  • Weight:85g
  • Tubing length: 55cm
  • Tubing diameter: 5mm
  • Tubing material: PVC
  • Chest piece material: Aluminum
  • Binaural material: Aluminum
  • Accessories: 2xSoft earplugs
  • High-quality acoustics provide clear and reliable sound for patient assessments
  • Soft seal out distracting noise and make listening easier
  • Comfortable headset with angled ear tubes and soft eartips provide an excellent acoustic seal
  • Easy-grip chestpiece is easy to hold and maneuver for multiple hand positions
  • Flexible tubing allows smooth chestpiece movement and placement; tubing is is not made with phthalates
  • Pressure-sensitive diaphragm allows clinicians to hear high- and low-frequency sounds by varying pressure on the chestpiece
  • Can be safely used in a MRI environment

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